#60: M-Kopa - How the asset financing platform is providing access to consumer products across Kenya & Africa
Afrobility: Africa Tech and BusinessJanuary 19, 2023
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#60: M-Kopa - How the asset financing platform is providing access to consumer products across Kenya & Africa

Overview: Today, we’re going to talk about M-Kopa, the African asset financing platform. We’ll explore the M-Kopa story across 5 areas:

  1. African electrical power context
  2. M-Kopa's early history
  3. Product & monetization strategy
  4. Competitive positioning & exit options
  5. Then we'll end with our views on its overall outlook.

This episode was recorded on Jan 15, 2023

Companies discussed: M-Kopa, Safaricom (M-Pesa), d.light, Zola Electric, Transsion, Samsung, Nokia (HMD global), Airtel, MTN,  Mobisol, Carbon & Fairmoney

Business concepts discussed: Rural electrification, Payment infrastructure, Pay-as-you-go Solar, Off-grid energy, asset financing, credit scoring, risk assessment & renewable energy

Conversation highlights:

  • (05:45) - Africa electricity access context
  • (09:45) - Kenya electricity access context
  • (14:55) - M-Kopa early history
  • (16:55 ) - Founders’ background
  • (25:07) - Other ideas before M-Kopa and M-Kopa launch
  • (28:44) - Launch strategy - partnerships, sales and distribution
  • (32:05) - Fundraising, Growth, Geo Expansion, Team
  • (54:01) - Product strategy and how the product works
  • (1:06:04) - Monetization strategy
  • (1:14:16) - Competition and options for exit
  • (01:29:50) - Olumide’s overall thoughts and outlook
  • (1:38:06) - Bankole’s overall thoughts and outlook
  • (1:48:08) - Recommendations and small wins

Olumide’s recommendations & small wins:

  • Interested in investing in Africa Tech with Olumide: Read about Adamantium fund & contact me at olumide@afrobility.com
  • Founders looking for funding: If you're a B2B founder working on Education, Health, Finance or food, please contact me for funding at olumide@afrobility.com
  • Recommendation 1: Descript: We use it for afrobility and even though I didn't initially think we needed it, it's grown on me. Especially now that I'm using it more aggressively for my personal finance book (myfiredom.com) editing
  • Recommendation 2: Dances with wolves movie. So so good!
  • Small win 1: Hung out with mum during thanksgiving break. It was cool!
  • Small win 2: New years day with friends in London. It was nice!

Bankole’s recommendations & small wins:

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