#59: Africa Tech - 2023 & Beyond (Creator Roundtable #2)
Afrobility: Africa Tech and BusinessDecember 18, 2022
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#59: Africa Tech - 2023 & Beyond (Creator Roundtable #2)

Overview: Today, we’re going to have a creator roundtable to discuss the African tech ecosystem. We’ll discuss the biggest 2022 moments in Africa Tech & our hopes for the tech ecosystem in 2023. This episode was recorded on Dec 10, 2022

Companies discussed: Flutterwave, FTX, 54gene, Swvl, Chipper Cash, TeamApt (Moniepoint), QED, Binance, Remitly, Brimore, Shoprite, & Jumia

Business concepts discussed: Economic recessions, fundraising, bootstrapping, Cryptocurrency, M&A, Creator monetization & Pan-African Expansion

Conversation highlights:

  • (07:35) - Biggest 2022 moments
  • (00:53) - Impact of Recession on Africa Tech
  • (1:00:05) - What we would like to see in 2023
  • (1:28:00) - Creator Q&A
  • (2:00:24) - Recommendations & Small Wins


  • Recommendation: Knives Out 2 (Movie). Excellent and funny sequel :)
  • Win: Opened Fidelity HSA. I had used Vanguard only previously. Fidelity has nice functionality & UX (especially for HSAs)




  • Recommendation: ChatGPT & the Dissect podcast
  • Small win: My alma mater the University of Michigan beating our rivals Ohio State in football for the second year in a row. Getting to spend a lot of in-person quality time with people in the African tech ecosystem over the past few weeks in Cape Town


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