#2: Jumia - From Rocket Internet to Unicorn IPO. What’s next for the ‘Amazon of Africa’?
Afrobility: Africa Tech and BusinessMay 03, 2020
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#2: Jumia - From Rocket Internet to Unicorn IPO. What’s next for the ‘Amazon of Africa’?

Overview: Today we’re going to talk about Jumia - The largest ecommerce player in Africa. We’ll discuss its founding, seminal points in its history, eventual 2019 IPO & Jumia's future outlook. This episode was recorded on May 3, 2020.

Companies discussed: Jumia, Africa Internet Holding (Africa Internet Group), Rocket Internet, Kasuwa, Sabunta, Konga, Naspers, Takealot, Kaymu (Jumia Travel), Hello Food (Jumia Food), Lamudi (Jumia House) & Carmudi (Jumia Cars)

Business concepts discussed: E-commerce, Payments, Logistics, Retail, Marketplaces, Revenue growth vs profitability, Stock short-selling & IPOs

Conversation highlights:

  • (1:00) - E-Commerce and Retail context in African markets
  • (2:20) -  What is Jumia? Businesses, Numbers
  • (4:35) - Jumia Founding and History
  • (5:45) - Rocket Internet and Jumia
  • (12:30) - Jumia Fundraising rounds and transition to Jumia Group
  • (12:40) - Konga story relative to Jumia
  • (15:50) - Jumia IPO
  • (17:12) - Citron report, J-Force agents & returns
  • (21:47) - Post IPO decline and lockup
  • (23:20) - Shifting focus to Jumia Pay & Rocket Internet divestment
  • (25:00) - Bankole’s overall thoughts and outlook
  • (35:00) - Olumide’s overall thoughts and outlook

Olumide’s recommendations & small wins:


Bankole’s recommendations & small wins:

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