#13: Airtel - How the world's second largest telco expanded from India to Africa
Afrobility: Africa Tech and BusinessOctober 05, 2020
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#13: Airtel - How the world's second largest telco expanded from India to Africa

Overview: Today we’re going to talk about Airtel - The third largest telco in Africa (& second largest telco in the world), we’ll discuss its founding, early history, success in India, expansion into Africa, non-telco businesses & end with our views on its future outlook. This episode was recorded on October 4, 2020

Companies discussed: Airtel Africa, Bharti Airtel Group, Celtel, Zain, MTN, Reliance Jio, Safaricom, Econet Wireless & Vmobile

Business concepts discussed: Telco diversification (voice vs data vs emerging businesses), VOD (video on demand), mobile money, telco M&A strategy & developing markets growth strategy.

Conversation highlights:

  • (02:10) - Why we are talking about Airtel today
  • (04:47) - Bharti Airtel founding, Sunil Mittal and early history
  • (14:45) - Airtel Africa - early origins from Celtel and then Zain
  • (21:00) - Zain acquisition of Celtel
  • (22:54) - Nigeria naming journey - from Econet to Airtel
  • (27:02) - Airtel Africa + MTN attempted merger / acquisition
  • (36:31) - Airtel Africa IPO in 2019
  • (39:50) - Airtel Africa’s non-telco businesses
  • (48:45) - What Airtel Africa looks like in 2020
  • (59:56) - Bankole’s overall thoughts and outlook
  • (1:05:32) - Olumide’s overall thoughts and outlook
  • (1:10:23) - Recommendations and small wins
  • (1:16:05) - Open questions

Olumide’s recommendations, small wins & open questions:

  • Recommendation: Hotel Sweet Home (by Libby Rome) - Fun book about living in a hotel. For travel & point nerds
  • Recommendation: The Treasury of Quotes by Jim Rohn - Amazing book of various smart & insightful quotes from one of my favorite personal development coaches
  • Small win: I listened to Owl City - Unbelievable (ft Hanson) while I wrote script for Health Tech episode
  • Small win: I used background ambient sounds from  Mynoise.net to focus while I prepared for this episode
  • Open question: What can entrepreneurs today learn from Mo Ibrahim or Sunil Mittal?

Bankole’s recommendations, small wins & open questions:

  • Recommendations: Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino
  • Small win: FIFA 21 released! A veritable time sink has a new installment! [YouTube trailer]
  • Other content mentioned: Chillhop jazzy lofi - YouTube live channel with good background music to work
  • Other content mentioned: Opomulero by Ruggedman feat 9ice [YouTube] - entry music by UFC athlete Israel Adesanya
  • Open question: What other examples can you think of where events outside Africa dictate an African company’s strategy or market outcomes?

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